Full Thrust Continuum Ultimate Ship Builder v1.3

Full Thrust Ship Calculator

Version 1.3 of the Full Thrust Continuum Ultimate Ship Builder is now available.

V1.3 Changes: 06/18/2017
Fixed Boarding Torpedo Launcher cost
Fixed Boarding Torpedo mass and cost

Download available from this Dropbox link.


Narn Regime Fleet Book



After many, many years of procrastination I’ve finally settled on the final version of the Narn Regime from Babylon 5. I hope the designs within meet your expectations of how the Narn would stack up against the other powers in the Galaxy. As always, feel free to comment on what you like and dislike about the designs. Above all else, have fun and enjoy!

Fleet Action @ Pensacon 2017!



Pensacon 2017!   February 17th – 19th in Pensacola, Florida.   This Fleet Bash will be out fourth event held at this great convention.  The previous years we have done huge fleet battles with all the players on one giant table slugging it out.  This year, by popular request, we going to host a more traditional tournament style event.  Players will play each other in a variety of games.  The player with the most victories will be declared the ‘Grand Admiral’.  Dont let the term ‘Tournament’ dissuade you!  This will not be a super competitive environment but a relaxed atmosphere where players will have the opportunity to try out different design ideas and fleet compositions.

Download the event package above and dont miss this!  Each year we always have a huge amount of give-a-ways provided by our sponsors plus some great trophies!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email at jimklein1966@yahoo.com   Be sure to put Full Thrust @ Pensacon in the subject line.

Note: the gaming area is in the hotel adjacent to the main Convention site so you do not need to purchase Con Tickets to attend.

Hope to see you all there!



Fleet Book: Fortress Command



     Introducing Skunkworks next fleet book ‘Fortress Command’ by William Stec!  Ten months in the making this huge book provides you with SSDs and rule suggestions for space stations ranging from Deep Space Surveillance Satellites, to civilian refueling stations to the huge Star Fortresses used to protect the most strategically important planets.  Some of these stations are formidable enough to take on an entire fleet!

Also included are SSDs and rules for bases constructed on planetary surfaces as well as expanded rules for Ortillery.  Finally your assault ships will have use for these critically important weapons when attacking planetary targets.

This is the Beta release and we encourage everyone to submit input and play-test reports.



Jane’s Fighting Starships Neo-Soviet Navy.  The Neo-Soviets, by Brigade, have some of the most powerful ships in human space but tend to be slow compare to other navies.  Their large turreted beam weapons give them excellent all around fire power for less mass but at the expense of being able to quickly locking onto enemy ships.  Their smaller screening ships are second to none in their given roles and their newest frigate classes are equipped with cloaking devices and anti-matter weapons!