ESU Fleet Book 1 (revised)

esu cover


ESU old sculpt fleet book (done) (1)


Will Stec has redrawn each SSD in this outstanding revision of the ESU fleet.  Every ship now has a silhouette in place of the older SSD designs bringing each class to life.   Each ship design has remained as Jon at GZG created them however.  Enjoy!

Bayou Wars 26 Full Thrust Event !!!


ft demo (2)

Bayou Wars Full Thrust event

Welcome to the Skunkworks Crews first ever event at Bayou Wars!

This event is designed for players who are brand new to the game to veterans with many battles under their belt.  For new players we will have loaner fleets available and will teach you the rules in detail.

For the veteran players, you are strongly encouraged to bring your designs and models.  See the link above for event guidelines and rules.

Note: James Butler will be running several small teaching demos on Friday.  If you can be sure to stop by for an intro!

This event is sponsored by Bobe’s Hobby House and several model manufacturers who have generously donated several give-a-ways for us.  Don’t miss this event!

Narn Regime Fleet Book



After many, many years of procrastination I’ve finally settled on the final version of the Narn Regime from Babylon 5. I hope the designs within meet your expectations of how the Narn would stack up against the other powers in the Galaxy. As always, feel free to comment on what you like and dislike about the designs. Above all else, have fun and enjoy!