Welcome to the Emerald Coast Skunkworks website.
Here you will find a wide variety of resources for Full Thrust including new fleet books and the Project Continuum Full Thrust Rules

First, a brief history:
A few years ago our game club got back into Full Thrust after a ‘hiatus’ of several years. It was then we discovered Full Thrust: Cross Dimensions, Full Thrust Warlord and others. We decided to primarily use Cross Dimensions in our rules and to incorporate a few select ideas from the other rule sets. Most of these “house rules” were never really formalized but mostly a series of notes on scrap paper. We also began adding a few ‘tweaks’ of our own to better simulate what certain ships from various sci-fi shows could do.
At some one point we decided to write up a couple of battle reports and posted them on The Miniatures Page. Several people asked how we combined the various rule sets and made them workable. We decided to set about writing down our ideas and the result was the Continuum Supplement for Cross Dimensions. I thought that would be the end of our labors, but many people then began asking for a book that actually combined Continuum with Cross Dimensions. We didn’t feel this was even an option without asking Hugh Fisher for his permission to rewrite his rules. We also felt it would be necessary to get Jon Tuffleys’s permission and support. We began corresponding with both and to our happy surprise, they both liked the idea. Both have offered their support, guidance, and the occasional suggestion and I will be forever grateful to both of them. Without their help nothing on this website would have been possible. Shortly after publishing Project Continuum we began adding various fleet books for the GZG universe, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and others.

Feel free to browse the different drop down menus. We welcome any and all feedback you might have!

Lastly I want to gain thank Jon Tuffley of Ground Zero Games for his endless support and encouragement in our efforts to expand upon his original rules and universe.

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