Narn Regime Fleet Book



After many, many years of procrastination I’ve finally settled on the final version of the Narn Regime from Babylon 5. I hope the designs within meet your expectations of how the Narn would stack up against the other powers in the Galaxy. As always, feel free to comment on what you like and dislike about the designs. Above all else, have fun and enjoy!

Space Orks – A Battlefleet Gothic conversion

battlefleet_gothic_armada-08 (3)ORK FLEET

Many players have asked if we have ever done designs for Ork ships based on Games Workshops old Battlefleet Gothic game.  Over the years we have dabbled with all the fleets and here is the Orks.  NOTE: This is very much still a draft and work in progress book.  While most of the ships have been play tested to some extent none of the SSDs have been triple checked for accuracy, mass, point cost etc.  Please feel free to play test these and let us know what you find.  Thanks!!!

Star Trek’s Romulan Star Empire Fleet Book

Romulans_1440 (2)


100_6467 (3)

Here is the much asked for and long awaited Fleet Book for Star Trek’s Romulan Empire.  Clint has been play testing these for the past two years and feels they are finally ready for release.  Many of the designs feature ships from both the original Star Trek series and the fine work FASA did years ago expanding on it.