Full Thrust Continuum Ultimate Ship Builder v1.2

Full Thrust Ship Calculator

Version 1.2 of the Full Thrust Continuum Ultimate Ship Builder is now available. This version corrects a few bugs that were discovered after the last release.

V1.2 Changes
Fixed Multirole Fighter points
Fixed Stealth Hull not accounting for Regenerative Armor
Fixed Enchanced/Superior Sensors mass/points
Fixed Boat Bay and Tender options not adding mass/points
Fixed DCP/Marine popup message appearing after selecting other options

V1.2a Changes: 01/27/2015
Included Shipyards in CPV calculation

Download available from this Dropbox link.

Full Thrust Continuum Ultimate Ship Builder v1.1

Full Thrust Ship Calculator

Version 1.1 of the Full Thrust Continuum Ultimate Ship Builder is now available. This version includes the following changes to bring it inline with the most recent release of Full Thrust Continuum.

v1.1 Changes:
Fixed Standard Graser Mass
Fixed AM Missile cost
Fixed Stealth Hull Cost calculation
Fixed cost of Area ECM
Fixed cloaking devices
Fixed Robot Fighter Rack cost
Fixed Enhanced and Superior Sensors mass/cost
Fixed Adding additional DCPs/Marines

Added Class 5 Beams
Added Gattling Battery, Twin Array, Meson Projector Broadside
Added VS Pulse Torp
Added Pulsar
Added regular ADFC and option ADFC selections
Added Tuffley Cloak
Added Nova Cannon
Added Wave Gun
Added Reflex Field
Added Two Stage option to SML and SMR
Added Boat Bay
Added Shipyard Facilities
Added Flawed Design option
Added Dummy Bogey

Removed SR Pulse Torp 2 arc option

Moved MKP from Ordanance to Direct Fire

Download available from this Dropbox link.

Full Thrust Randon Event Cards

FT re cover (3)


Awesome and hilarious Random Event Cards for Full Thrust created by Hugh Duggan (aka colgar6).

You can use them any way you wish but we have adopted the following rules in our games. Before set up each player draws three cards.  Some may be played right away if the card says so.   At any time during the game a player rolls a 1 for initiative he may draw another card.    other than that you just play them as stated on each card.

You can download them here or if you would like to order a set go to Artscow.com

They are well worth ordering.

*Skunkworks does not derive any monetary compensation from the sale of these cards.

Full Thrust Turn Gauge

TurnGauge (2) TurnGauge - inverted colors

Turning Template PDF

I stumbled onto these turn gauges years ago.  For those of you with ships permanently mounted on hex bases they prove quite useful.  I don’t remember where I found them or who the artist is so if you do do please let us know so we can credit him (or her) properly.  Also you posted here is the PDF version for those of you that prefer that format.


Full Thrust Continuum Ultimate Ship Builder

Full Thrust Ship Calculator

This spreadsheet was developed to help make ship building an easier and more rewarding process for veterans and newcomers alike. If you have any comments or questions please post them to our website at https://emeraldcoastskunkworks.wordpress.com/ or to the Full Thrust Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/fullthrust/. This spreadsheet was built using Apache OpenOffice 4.1.0 and is not guaranteed to work with any other version. You can download OpenOffice for free at http://www.openoffice.org/.

The “Calculate Hull Boxes” button uses a macro to display the hull box rows. If you have problems using this feature, you my need to enable macros. To enable macros, click on Tools\Options\Security\Macro Security and select Medium or Low.

Some calculations (Equip K-Gun Flak Ammunition and Equip Overloaded Pulse Torps) may not work if certain options are turned off. If you encounterproblems with these items be sure that “Enable regular expressions in formulas” is checked under Tools\Options\OpenOffice Calc\Calculate.

Follow this link to download the spreadsheet from Dropbox.