Full Thrust Draft Final Draft (3)
FULL THRUST PROJECT CONTINUUM version 1.1.4 April 2017

Errata for version 1.1 26 APRIL 2017

UPDATE April 16 2017: Version 1.1.4 has been posted!  Correction is to the rules for mines, that was overlooked.  Also included some minor changes to ordinance using fighters and gunboats.   Check the Errata document for a quick review of the updates.

For those of you that would like hard copy of the rules here is a link to The Book Patch.  The book Patch is a printing service we posted the PDF to.  We dont make any profit on the sale so you are buying the book at cost +shipping directly from the printer.  (Ok, technically we make 1 penny on each book because Book Patch requires authors to charge at least that much over what it costs BP to print it). 



And something special from Jono Burch!  He put in a ton of time building a Full Thrust Tabletop Simulator on Steam.  Check this out, its super cool!  Many thanks to Jono for creating it!   If you have any questions abt it, email him here jono.burch@gmail.com

Click link below for the site


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Cool-house-rules- 26 APRIL 2017

Cool-house-rules- 13 MARCH 2019

Also be sure to take a look at a small collection of house rules players have sent us.  I hope to grow this document over time.  Keep sending us the rules your group uses!

I am pleased to finally announce the release of Full Thrust: Project Continuum! This project has almost taken on a life of its own with so many of you contributing and occasionally commenting on this as work it went along. This truly is a rule book by gamers for gamers. I’d like to thank all of you for your ideas, feedback, submissions, support and encouragement. When reading through this keep in mind that this is an ‘amateur’ publication and as such may contain several (of more than several) typos, errors and just plain “ooopsies”. It is for that reason we recommend you do not get it printed just yet. If you find any such errors let us know. We’ll leave the document up for a few months waiting for your feedback and then make any corrections all in one shot and then re-release it as edition 1.1. What sort of feedback are we looking for? Any typos or grammatical errors, any rules that may be written in a confusing manor or an example that perhaps could be made more clear. Every effort was made to ensure the different systems in this rule set are balanced with each other. Even so there will be players out there who will come up with combinations of offensive and defensive systems that we didn’t think of and may seem over powering. Game groups should make every effort to police themselves when situations like this arise. For example- in our group we typically do not allow players to use fighters and gun boats in the same fleet. Your group may not see that as “cheesy” as we do. So, what we are not looking for in feedback is, for example, “Phasers are too over powering.” or some such. If you find that to be the case simply do not use them or modify them to your taste. We would also like to see your SSDs! This, to me, is the most exciting kind of feedback. We will be setting up a ‘Tab’ on our website for player submissions. We look forward to hearing from all of you. Any and all comments welcome! Watch the stars!!!

Full Thrust Continuum

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Full thrust Cross Dimension Continuum 2.0.01- with page numbers

This will be our last update of the Continuum Supplement.  As you all know this will be integrated with the rewrite of Cross Dimensions.    Everything highlighted in yellow is either an addition, a change, or an experimental rule we are toying with.  The expanded rules on Supiror and Enhanced sensors being a case in point.    Players should feel free to use or not use these sections (thats true with all rules of course).  However if you do try them we would appreciate your feed back 🙂

Watch the Skies!

SSD Icons for Full Thrust

SSD Icons- revised (2)

VECTOR VERSION -Icons by R.J. Smiley


An explanation of what a Vector image is by Ken Burnside

There are two kinds of drawing programs:

Bitmap editors (MS Paint, Photoshop, GIMP)
Vector editors (Inkscape, Illustrator)

In a bitmap editor, the image is saved as a series of X/Y coordinates and a color, called a pixel.

In a vector editor, the image is saved as a series of vectors (lines) and two colors: The first color is the color of the line and the second color is the color used to fill what’s inside the set of lines that share end points.

Vector graphics are infinitely scalable; True Type fonts are vector graphics, basically.

Each of those icons is a separate vector graphic object, you load them individually into a vector graphic program, on a background called a canvas.

Once you’ve figured out how to use them, they are VASTLY easier to use than bitmaps, and you can scale them up or down without them getting “jaggy” or “blurry.”

You can easily change the color of the stroke (the lines) or the fill) to colorize your SSD. Text in them remains editable by default.