Bayou Wars 26 Full Thrust Event !!!


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Bayou Wars Full Thrust event

Welcome to the Skunkworks Crews first ever event at Bayou Wars!

This event is designed for players who are brand new to the game to veterans with many battles under their belt.  For new players we will have loaner fleets available and will teach you the rules in detail.

For the veteran players, you are strongly encouraged to bring your designs and models.  See the link above for event guidelines and rules.

Note: James Butler will be running several small teaching demos on Friday.  If you can be sure to stop by for an intro!

This event is sponsored by Bobe’s Hobby House and several model manufacturers who have generously donated several give-a-ways for us.  Don’t miss this event!

Planetary Assault @Pensacon 2018!



Pensacon 2018!   February 23rd – 25th in Pensacola, Florida.   This Fleet Bash will be out fifth event held at this great convention.  Last year we held a tradition style tournament but this year will be a huge team game!  This will not be a super competitive environment but a relaxed atmosphere where players will have the opportunity to try out different design ideas and fleet composition.

New players are highly encouraged to attend and rules will be taught if necessary.  One loaner fleet will be available for our ‘cadet’ players  🙂

Download the event package above and dont miss this!  Each year we always have a huge amount of give-a-ways provided by our sponsors plus some great trophies!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email at   Be sure to put Full Thrust @ Pensacon in the subject line.

Note: the gaming area is in the hotel adjacent to the main Convention site you will need to purchase a Con Ticket to attend.

Hope to see you all there!

matt frank