Narn Regime Fleet Book



After many, many years of procrastination I’ve finally settled on the final version of the Narn Regime from Babylon 5. I hope the designs within meet your expectations of how the Narn would stack up against the other powers in the Galaxy. As always, feel free to comment on what you like and dislike about the designs. Above all else, have fun and enjoy!

R&D Begins and Emerald Coast Skunkworks

GZG logo

We’d like to take this opportunity to announce the formation of The Emerald Coast Skunkworks, a Full Thrust development group. With the gracious permission and support of Jon Tuffley of Ground Zero Games, we will be developing supplements for Full Thrust, particularly Fleet Books for GZG’s new ship models. Dean ‘Star Ranger’ Gundberg did a fantastic job creating SSDs for them, and with his help and support, we will be picking up where he left off. All of our publications will be available for free download on our site and on the Full Thrust Facebook Group.

Our flagship project will be a re-write of Cross Dimensions. With Hugh Fisher’s permission (author of XD) and assistance, we will be incorporating the Continuum supplement as well as some ideas you all have suggested. Very shortly we will be asking for volunteers to design the cover art for us so if you are a talented artist consider doing a cover for us.

This is site will be the main location and main channel for the group, and over the coming months we will be setting up tabs for the core rules, SSD resources to go with the “Tuffley verse” and several others. There will also be a section for player/fan generated SSDs and rules as well as a new ship construction calculator and After Action Reports.

Be on the lookout for many exciting things coming down the pipeline!

“Watch the skies”