11 thoughts on “Full Thrust Continuum Ultimate Ship Builder v1.3

  1. Is there any way to add more rows for direct fire or to add a quantity column? I have a SD with 35 DF weapons, but the variety is not that high so either way would work


    • Should be easy enough to add more rows. I’d like to add a quantity column, but I’d have to refresh my memory to make sure I don’t miss any forumlas. I’ll take a look this weekend.


      • I have quite a bit of experience with experience with excel if you’d like me to take a stab at it. I write reports for a living.


      • Sure, that would be great. I’ve been thinking about opening it up since I don’t have a lot of time to maintain it.


  2. First of all, many thanks to you guys for the wonderful information and play aids to support FT. It is very much appreciated. I know past comments are almost a year old, but so we’re all on the same page, Excel would open the file except… it says it’s password protected. I used to use open Office so I know some of the quirks of that very good software, but if you work outside of academia, it’s got to be Excel. Why not port the spreadsheet and tweak it at the same time?



    • Sorry I didn’t respond to this. I didn’t see it in the message box 😦
      Hope you got the ship builder spread sheet working. If not post on the Facebook group and Jeff, the guy that created it, will answer


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