Full Thrust Continuum Ultimate Ship Builder v1.1

Full Thrust Ship Calculator

Version 1.1 of the Full Thrust Continuum Ultimate Ship Builder is now available. This version includes the following changes to bring it inline with the most recent release of Full Thrust Continuum.

v1.1 Changes:
Fixed Standard Graser Mass
Fixed AM Missile cost
Fixed Stealth Hull Cost calculation
Fixed cost of Area ECM
Fixed cloaking devices
Fixed Robot Fighter Rack cost
Fixed Enhanced and Superior Sensors mass/cost
Fixed Adding additional DCPs/Marines

Added Class 5 Beams
Added Gattling Battery, Twin Array, Meson Projector Broadside
Added VS Pulse Torp
Added Pulsar
Added regular ADFC and option ADFC selections
Added Tuffley Cloak
Added Nova Cannon
Added Wave Gun
Added Reflex Field
Added Two Stage option to SML and SMR
Added Boat Bay
Added Shipyard Facilities
Added Flawed Design option
Added Dummy Bogey

Removed SR Pulse Torp 2 arc option

Moved MKP from Ordanance to Direct Fire

Download available from this Dropbox link.


4 thoughts on “Full Thrust Continuum Ultimate Ship Builder v1.1

  1. That’s an awesome undertaking and I’m sure many people are going to love using it in Excel. I’d like to check it out. As for the macro, you are welcome to convert it. It shouldn’t be too much trouble given that you were able to convert the entire spreadsheet. The macro is pretty straight forward code.


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