2 thoughts on “Be sure to visit our Sponsors!

  1. I want to build a FT fleet or seven and battle it out with like-minded, would-be admirals, and I was delighted to stumble upon your resources today. Earlier, all the searching I did gained me only years-old rules sets and half-finished mods, or mods without obvious rules, and I started wondering if anybody still played the game. It appears your club does, and that makes me happy and gives me hope that when I plunk down a case filled with homemade ships and call out “who wants to play?”, there’ll be some takers. The base FT game rules are truly time-tested…I once tried to create my own starship combat system, and seeing FT made me realize that the game I had in mind had already been created, and with a fraction of the complexity and none of the rule loopholes.

    Anyway, I’m glad there are active FT players out there. I’ve got all manner of odds and ends to scratch together my ships, and a stack of poker chips to mount them. Wish me luck!


    • Sean,
      Welcome aboard! I’m glad you found us and welcome back to the game. There are alot of resources here with more to come in the future.
      If you have any questions feel free to ask! There is also a Full thrust group on Face Book and Yahoo groups. Lots of great players hanging out there as well.

      Again, welcome!


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