SSD Icons for Full Thrust

SSD Icons- revised (2)

VECTOR VERSION -Icons by R.J. Smiley

An explanation of what a Vector image is by Ken Burnside

There are two kinds of drawing programs:

Bitmap editors (MS Paint, Photoshop, GIMP)
Vector editors (Inkscape, Illustrator)

In a bitmap editor, the image is saved as a series of X/Y coordinates and a color, called a pixel.

In a vector editor, the image is saved as a series of vectors (lines) and two colors: The first color is the color of the line and the second color is the color used to fill what’s inside the set of lines that share end points.

Vector graphics are infinitely scalable; True Type fonts are vector graphics, basically.

Each of those icons is a separate vector graphic object, you load them individually into a vector graphic program, on a background called a canvas.

Once you’ve figured out how to use them, they are VASTLY easier to use than bitmaps, and you can scale them up or down without them getting “jaggy” or “blurry.”

You can easily change the color of the stroke (the lines) or the fill) to colorize your SSD. Text in them remains editable by default.



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